Graduate Scheme


A challenging, rewarding and unique graduate scheme

Working with us at Harrison Frazer will provide unlimited opportunities for hardworking, passionate individuals. Our CEO developed and sold one of the UK’s most successful search firms for £21 million. This alone, shows that the possibilities in working in executive recruitment are endless.

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HOW WE’RE DIFFERENTIATED We are a privately held, boutique Executive Search firm. The founding directors of Harrison Frazer both come from a heritage of Tier-1 Executive Search, and its additional board members comprise over 40 years of Executive Search experience. Our CEO previously grew and sold one of the most successful search firms in the UK for £21m. And hence, the support our graduates receive in terms of industry expertise, and financial backing, are unparalleled.
Gym Membership

We subsidise your gym membership fees to keep you in top shape.

Yoga Classes

A corporate yoga plan with classes around the corner from our office.

Office Massages

Like a spa day, but in our office. 30 minutes with a masseuse each month.


Yum! Krispy Kreme® doughnuts delivered to the office.

Company Mobile

All of our consultants are issued a company phone for calls on the go.

Central Location

We’re right in the heart of Leeds – just five minutes from the station.

Team Lunches

Regular team lunches to the top restaurants in the local area.

Flexible Schedule

Be it a holiday to Mexico, a long lunch or business trip overseas.

ABOUT THE ROLE We nuture graduates to earn over £60,000 within only their second year of joining the company. Our business is built on finding the best talent, and that applies equally to the recruitment of our own staff. Our greatest asset is our people, and the dedication and expertise of our team is what sets us apart from the competition.

The role of a Professional Headhunter is very different from that of a ‘Recruitment Consultant.’ Professional Headhunters act as advisory Partners to their clients’. Clients work with Professional Headhunters as they are equipped to proactively seek out the best talent in the market for their immediate requirements, rather than reactively working with ‘database’ candidates. Professional Headhunters seek out the very best candidates, through very selective means. The Headhunting profession is one of the most lucrative in the world, due to the nature of the product being sourced – exceptional corporate individuals who are very high in demand, but very short in supply. These ‘high flyers’ understandably add significant value to a company’s bottom line. It is not surprising that our clients will pay extremely well for their value-adding talents.

The fee income generated by a successful Headhunter can be significantly higher than their professional counterpart lawyers & accountants. Our consultants have generated single fees in excess of £60,000 in recent history; this translates into Harrison Frazer’ top performers being able to earn in excess of £100,000 a year, after only 2 years with the company. Harrison Frazer’ Professional Headhunters also play a brokerage role in closing the financial deals between their client and their candidate, resulting in the Headhunter receiving a handsome cut of the salary & bonus contract offered to the successful candidate. This is similar to premiership footballers’ agents; they require very skilled agents to broker the deal between themselves and their club, resulting in the agent receiving a large cut of the contract.

Harrison Frazer is a very successful, cash rich & 100% privately owned company without any outside financial leverage or investor shareholders. This is unlike other similar companies that pay company profits back to investors. We can therefore guarantee 100% reinvestment of our profits into the development of our staff and provide them with career development and acceleration, much quicker than our competitors. Our office environment is a very vibrant and energetic one. All of our people are bright, ambitious, energetic, enthusiastic team players who are highly motivated to succeed. Our staff retention is second to none, which is testament to the huge financial investment into the quality of our training, and the on-going management support which results in the consistent success and happiness of our recruits.

Graduate Headhunter

Leeds, United Kingdom
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We are looking to recruit only the most driven, dynamic, and ambitious individuals who possess the raw skills and attributes that can be developed into top performing Professional Headhunters.

You will be a very hard-working team player who possesses natural communication & conversational skills, who projects confidence, enthusiasm, tenacity and an outgoing, positive attitude. You will have a deep, insatiable desire for success and will relentlessly push yourself to achieve above and beyond what would be seen as the norm with any other graduate job, and consequently achieve an income which is significantly higher than that of your peers and career progression faster than within any other graduate employer.

Training and Progression:

You will join The Harrison Frazer Graduate Training Academy and be trained by heavily seasoned experts in the field. Our training is a comprehensive programme, which will develop your business skills and commercial acumen to very high levels to equip you to conquer the task at hand. We will develop you into an impressive business professional who can achieve beyond the expectations of a fresh graduate.

Your job will involve high-tier consulting work for your prestigious clients – researching and understanding their competitor companies, mapping their staff within, headhunting potential candidates, comprehensive interviewing & screening, and shortlisting only the best to make the successful placement. You will be involved in counter-offer mitigation, high level package negotiation, and developing existing business & professional networks. You will be communicating verbally and writing business emails to some of the world’s most successful Managers, Directors and Equity Partners on a daily basis.