Matthew Andrews

Consultant - Inks, Textiles & Leather Chemicals
About Me

I am currently a Consultant sitting within the Chemicals sector. My personal focus is the Inks, Textile & Leather Chemicals market which I have built from scratch, and in the process have acquired a deep network of professionals on a global scale.

I work on a daily basis with clients and high-level candidates in technical and commercial functions, across a range of businesses in my market. Within textiles, I work on everything from manufacturers of technical, performance and protective textiles to producers and distributors of specialties and additives such as flame retardants, antimicrobials and processing stabilizers. My leather network focuses on dry and wet-end additives including process and finishing chemicals, coatings, dyes and other auxiliaries. Finally, within the ink market, I work with inks, dyes and pigments to a wide range of markets, and with companies who produce raw materials, additives, and other important supplies that go into the industry.

Our client portfolio is diversified; boasting Industry leading Multinationals to innovative, high growth start-ups. We are always keen to expand our talent pool of candidates and our portfolio of repeat clients. If you are a professional in the chemical space looking for your next move, or are looking to hire, please reach out to me for a confidential discussion.

About Harrison Frazer
We match outstanding talent to exceptional opportunities. Our passion and commitment enables us to place the very best candidates in leading companies around the globe. We are a trusted advisor to many leading multinational organizations, providing not only effective search and selection services, but also providing market intelligence access through our dedicated research team. We don’t just provide a service; we listen to the situation, understand the problem, and provide the best solution. We’ve built our foundations around three distinctive aims to ensure we don’t just do what is needed; we set the bar of excellence. We appoint the best people, first time, every time.

Our Senior Leadership team has a combined 30+ years’ experience. Our shared values and commitment to Harrison Frazer’s future enables us to coach, train and guide our team to deliver the very best results for our clients, time after time.