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We understand finding the best talent can be a challenge. Our dedicated team specialise in executive search and selection for the Healthcare market on a global scale.

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WELCOME Sourcing future leaders across the globe. Sourcing future leaders to support the increasing demand for top talent across the Healthcare marketplace.
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The global health and social care market is of increasing importance. With tighter scrutiny being placed on administration of certain types of pharmaceuticals, we are now seeing the backlash of an under-regulated pain-management epidemic, giving rise to a number of addiction centres being opened for those who have suffered from mis-guided advice from their healthcare practitioners. In addition to this, with the improvement of global healthcare generally over the last 30 years, the ageing population is creating an increasing demand for elderly care homes.

What’s more, is that a tighter focus by consumers on health & wellbeing across the globe has broadened the scope and reach of the nutrition & fitness marketplace. This, along with a greater demand for quick and easy access to healthcare services generally, has created a strong demand for digital services & connectivity within the health & social care sphere – innovation (specifically within Technology) is paving the way for a new, customer-centric health & social care marketplace. With these changes in mind, it is vital to recruit top talent in to your organization to keep up and to stay ahead of the curve. If you are looking to add senior Healthcare professionals in to your team, please get in touch.

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Our Healthcare team at Harrison Frazer consists of consultants and researchers operating on a global scale. We specialise in a range of areas within this sector, providing a quality service to our clients, regardless of location.

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We do things differently. Each of our consultants specialise in one specific industry. We truly believe that this enhances their knowledge whilst allowing them to stay up-to-date with the latest trends, news and much more.

Every search is tailored to your individual needs.

We understand that each of our clients have individual needs during the recruitment process. We tailor our search process based on your criteria, ensuring that we provide the best results and get it right, first time.

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